Who we are.

Piattino literally means “small plate” in Italian, and is a creation of Andrea, Carmine, and Daniele. These three close friends have very diverse personalities but one common desire- to offer the very best that Italian culture has to offer.

For the “Italian trio”, as our customers like to call us, good quality time, like life, is best shared with friends and loved ones. And that’s in essence what Piattino is all about.

A laid back restaurant and bar, which puts an emphasis on the experience. A combination of Jazz and Blues music served with good food and fine wine in an atmosphere where diners feel comfortable in engaging in enriching conversation and conviviality.

We believe that eating from the same plate enhances conversations, encourages adventurous eating and brings us all closer together. A vibrant yet relaxed environment where you’ll feel transported to one of the classic Italian Aperitivo Bars where people, much like in George Street, gather and create culture.

Our suppliers

As an independent restaurant, we very much support independent suppliers like ourselves. We strongly believe in the ethics of using local, free range, and organically sourced food and wine. 

The farms that we source a lot of our meats from are are in Wiltshire and Devizes. We have visited the farms ourselves, and we can track all of our meats back to the very field they came from. We know everything from how they treat the animal to what they get fed. 

Our fish comes fresh every day from all over the South West of England. We change the fish available on the menu with the seasons to make sure that it is of the best quality and ethically sourced.

Everything we serve here is home made. We are particulary proud of our dough for our pizzettas (mini pizzas). We raise it for 20 hours and it is true, Neopolitan style dough. 

In addition, we have some of the best Italian cheeses, and the best cheeses from all over the world, and local ones too. 

Our bread is from the best baker in Bath, the one and only Bertinet bakery. The olive oils and balsamic that you will dress that bread with are, of course, are all from Italy and are only ever selected because they are of the best quality.

Our fruit and veg comes from the market in Bristol which is delivered fresh to us every day, and the coffee that you enjoy at the end of your meal is Lavazza. The most premium and robust Italian coffee.

And then last, but not least our wine. Our wine in Piattino comes from our trusted local wine merchants. We don’t discriminate as our selection of wine extends beyond Italian borders,  and each bottle has a nice story behind it and is from a small vineyard. Having said this, we also do import our Italian wines directly from Italy, so rest assured they are some of the best in the world (but we might be biased!).